Starwood Hotels: “We expect and receive flexibility from Orange.”


We're completely ready for 4G. The infrastructure is in place to enable our customers to enjoy the fastest internet ever.

Olivier Uytterhoeven

Each year, the five Sheraton hotels in Brussels accommodate thousands of customers, including a great many business people. "And when it comes to communication facilities, they have very specific demands," explains Olivier Uytterhoeven, Director of MIS, Brussels Complex at the Starwood Group. "After all, they want to be able to work like they do in the office and relax like they do at home."


The challenge

Providing added value in the field of telecommunication

Reliable, secure and ultra-fast Wi-Fi in the rooms and mobile internet throughout the hotel are the absolute minimum for business people. Those hotels that are unable to guarantee this at all times have had their day. "This is why we've been working with Orange for years," says Olivier Uytterhoeven. "And no matter how much a customer is accustomed to using telecom facilities, we always want to provide just that little bit more. We're only satisfied when a customer thinks: 'That's something I'd like at home or at work."' But just as important, of course, is the communication between staff in each hotel and between the hotels themselves.


The solution

Flexibility throughout the whole chain 

'Our customers expect flexibility from us. And therefore we expect the same flexibility from our provider. Just take our hotel (the only one) in Brussels Zaventem Airport. Here, meetings and conferences often take place in which customers want to give presentations with live internet. They expect unique IP addresses for 400 to 500 people, a number of dedicated lines, a personalised message in the hotel rooms, etc. And then in Aloft, our newest hotel with its very contemporary design and approach, we also provide the latest facilities for working and relaxing with a smartphone, tablet and laptop." Moreover, internal communications also have to be spot on. "All our staff now have either a BlackBerry or an iPhone, and they can always be reached via their short four-digit numbers. No matter where they are in the hotels, even if they're at home.”


The result

Ready for all our customers and for the future

"No matter what our customers might demand , thanks to Orange, we're able to provide it. Customers can communicate, work and relax easily and without restrictions using the device of their choice. And, what's more, we're completely ready for 4G. The infrastructure is in place to enable our customers to enjoy the fastest internet ever." The fact is that, thanks to Orange, Sheraton Hotels will continue to be the leader in ICT facilities for many years to come.

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