How do you choose the right mobile phone for your company?


Would you like to be able to email with your mobile device, or search the internet? Or do you use your mobile phone predominantly for SMS text messages and telephone calls? You are best choosing one of the categories below depending on what you expect to use your mobile device for.


1. The basic phones

Basic phones are perfect for anyone who predominantly wants to stay in contact with business and home.  Their user-friendly keypads with numbers are ideal for SMS messages and regular telephone conversations.  

Furthermore, this type of device is often a lot more robust than their counterparts in the more expensive classes. So it’s ideal for anyone who works in the field and needs a device that is strong enough for real work. 


2. Keyboard & messaging phones

These devices offer you a full keyboard, which makes it a lot easier to email in real time, to write SMS messages and keep your agenda up to date. This type of telephone is therefore ideal for busy business people, with a large number of the additional functions directed at the same market.  


3. Web phones

The best way to get everything out of the internet and online company applications is via a web phone. This type of device is specially developed so you can quickly go online, whenever you want to

As such, it’s ideal for you if you want to stay in direct online contact with the company server, with your colleagues, your suppliers, etc.  


4. Tablet

The large screen, the high resolution and the superior graphic presentations of tablets make them perfect for looking at or presenting company films, advertisements, concepts, photos, etc.  Your company presentations in PowerPoint or Prezi and your PDFs appear noticeably better on such a device.  


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