Which ‘Revolutionary´ Devices and Technologies Didn´t Make it?


The Apple Newton, one of the first PDAs, developed by Apple.  It was brought on the market in 1993 and five years later, it was taken off.  The handwriting recognition did not work very well, the device was too large, and at almost 1,000 dollars apiece, it was actually too expensive.  

The Network Computer (NC), a computer without a hard disk and software that ran solely via the network.  The NC was announced as the computer of the future in the middle of the 1990s, but back then, it really didn’t make any waves.  Years later, the same idea, as a netbook among others, was picked up, albeit in a different form.

The Microsoft Kin Smartphone, aimed at teenagers who are keen on social networking, lasted about six weeks on the market.  The product was intended to be cool and affordable, but basically failed on both counts. 

The Segway, a sort of scooter that you operate standing up.  About ten years ago, it was launched with a great deal of fuss as a form of transport, but never really broke through on a great scale.  It also came through negatively in the news because the owner of the company behind Segway vehicles was killed in an accident with his own product. 


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