Exceptional times call for exceptional measures.

Orange Belgium is at your service.

In these unusual times, Orange empathises with your company and your employees. We stand by you all our clients, not only with our advice, but with concrete actions. Here you’ll find important tips as well as some handy extras that will remain valid until the end of December 2020. This will make it possible for you and your employees to keep firing on all cylinders and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues.

At Orange, we are putting a number of digital tools at your service through the emergency period.

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Extra mobile data for our business clients:

  • Before 24 November, all clients with a subscription have received 5 GB extra mobile data to help them keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues.
  • Everything is being activated automatically. You don’t have to do anything.
  • You use your extra data volume before you start on your regular data bundles. It’s valid for 31 days.
  • For all Shape and Shape Corporate plans with a data bundle. (This doesn’t apply for data cards (without voice calls)).
  • Every user can follow up their use of their extra data volume in My Orange.
  • Every employee who qualifies for this extra data will receive a text message with more info.
  • All customers will receive an additional 5 GB of mobile data again in December, 30 days after an additional 5 GB of mobile data was activated for the first time.
  • New customers with a subscription will receive 5 GB extra mobile data by December 10 at the latest.

Working at home

The government wants companies to encourage teleworking. What do your employees need for this?

  • A computer (with or without an extra screen and printer)

    This is often the laptop from work.

  • A fixed internet connection (and Wi-Fi)

    An internet connection is essential. At Orange, we make sure that your employees can also benefit from the best connection from home

    Extra tip from Orange:
    Plug-and-play: TheFlybox ensures quick connectivity with your employees.

  • Bandwidth

    If your staff members who are working from home make use of a VPN, you may also need to provide them with extra bandwidth. (See also: 4. Security)

  • Work-from-home policy

    Your employees need to be perfectly sure of what is expected from them. We are happy to put you in touch with different organisations that offer readily available teleworking policy models.

  • Mobile data

    As your company and therefore your staff members start to work more and more digitally, you’ll need a greater amount of available data access.

    Extra Tip from Orange: Choose an excess of data with Shape Intense and Shape Traveller. Upgrade the plans of your employees quickly and easily in your Customer Zone.


Stay in touch with colleagues

Keep in touch with your employees and colleagues, without working next to each other in the office.

  • Unified Communication & Collaboration

    These are applications designed for smooth collaborations. Using these tools, you make sure you and your colleagues remain accessible at the times and via the channels that you choose.

    Extra tip from Orange:
    Increase productivity! Make agreements with your employees and colleagues about which hours they need to be available and ask them to make good use of the (shared) agenda.

  • Software

    A diverse range of software applications make remote collaborations possible: Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, LifeSize and HighFive.

    More information about unified communications tools on the website of BKM

  • Quick and efficient updates

    In a world in crisis the SMS text message rules. Use Enterprise Messaging to send bulk messages to your team. You’ll keep everyone informed of important updates.



Security is important when you’re working from home too. Warn your staff members about, for example, the dangers of phishing emails. Make sure that applications like endpoint security and firewalls are properly installed and up to date.

Extra tip from Orange:
Only share the (unsecured) link to your web conference with the people who need it. And don’t send it via channels like Facebook or Instagram. Otherwise, before you know it, everyone will be listening in on everything you say ...

Did you also think about these?

  • VPN

    A VPN connection gives you secure access to the entire company network. Orange is happy to help you set up such a connection. Contact your account manager to find out all you need to know.

    More info
  • Mobile Threat Protection

    Choose an all-in-one solution for the security of your smartphones and other mobile devices.

    More info

Frequently Asked Questions

What does 5 GB of additional data mean exactly?

Our business clients get 5 GB of additional mobile data volume. This data volume is valid for 46 days. This volume is used up first, before your other data allowances.

To whom does this apply?

The 5 GB are added to the Shape and Shape Corporate tariff plans on mobile voice cards that already include the option of mobile data. The 5 GB do not apply to data-only cards such as Business Everywhere Ultimate.

How do I activate the 5 GB of additional data?

You don’t have to do anything, this one-off bundle will be activated for you. The activation takes place in waves. Your 5 GB bundle has been activated by 12 november 2020 at the latest.

How will I know when the bundle is used up?

You will receive a text message when 100% of the bundle is used up. You can also monitor your data usage via the detail screen of MyOrange app. The app displays the bundle as follows: 5 GB gratis / 5 GB gratuits / 5 GB free / 5 GB kostenlos

Is it possible to adjust my payments?

We are aware these are unusual times and for a number of industries and individuals it can be difficult to meet their payment obligations when there are less funds coming in. If this is the case, please feel free to email or call us and we will assess your specific situation.

Can services be temporarily suspended?

Can services be temporarily suspended?

Several services can be suspended temporarily. Email or call us and we will assess your specific situation.

How can I get in touch with the corporate customer service?

On this page you will find a contact form as well as the telephone numbers and opening hours of our corporate customer service.

Where can I find more information for private consumers?

Click here for more information on the actions aimed specifically at consumer clients NL FR

What if a user went over his data limit even before the addition of the top-up, is that also taken into account?

What if a user went over his data limit even before the addition of the top-up, is that also taken into account?

No, the top-up takes no account of consumption that was already done.

How can I see that the top-up was activated?

How can I see that the top-up was activated?

This isn’t visible on the main My Orange screen, where you only see the volume of your monthly data bundle (i.e. not the total volume that is presently available for you!). For the top-up you have to click through (by clicking on your remaining data volume) to the app’s details screen.

What if I have not fully used up my 5 GB extra mobile data?

No problem, you will receive 5 GB extra mobile data on top of the remaining volume, with a new expiration date of 31 days for the total volume.

At Orange, we’re always at your service. Contact your account manager with any further questions. Make sure you use the digital tools from Orange: your Customer Zone and the My Orange-app will quickly help you on your way!

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