Smart Parking

Get a maximum return from your car park.

Thanks to our Smart Parking solution finding a vacant parking space is child’s play.

Smart Parking guarantees optimum parking management and return for your organisation, city or municipality, commercial car park, organisation with parking spaces for customers and/or staff.


The assets of Smart Parking


Parking users can determine in advance via an app whether or not parking spaces are available. This limits the level of parking stress and saves time.

Avoid congestion issues

Since parkers easily find a spot:

  • CO2 emissions are kept to a minimum
  • traffic safety improves because drivers looking for a space pay less attention to other road users
Support professionnel

Cut your parking management costs

Monitor the use of your parking facilities from a distance in real time. This enables you, for instance, to detect parking violations from a distance so you need fewer people in the field.

The insights gleaned from the reports placed at your disposal on the use of your car park will help you optimise its management.

Boost your revenue

For retailers: as your customers have no trouble finding a parking space they will be more inclined to shop with you.

For businesses: with our solution you can also make your unused parking spaces available for other businesses in return for a fee.

For cities: a more efficient parking management provides more revenue

Optimise the use of specific parking spaces

Optimise the use and management of specific parking spaces e.g. parking spaces for electric cars, parking spaces for disabled, management, ...

How does Smart Parking work?


The sensor uses triple detection technology to guarantee a high detection availability.

The sensor uses a replaceable battery and offers over-the-air software updates and bidirectional communication with a mobile user app or tag for access control.


Mounted on light poles and buildings.

The solution combines the computer image with the camera, allowing comprehensive parking management of dozens or even hundreds of parking spaces.


For end users, guidance and navigation via an app to available parking spaces, check-in and parking session timer.


End user authentication to verify the user is allowed to park there. E.g. parking spaces for disabled, spaces reserved for management or electric vehicles.


End users can reserve a parking space via an app.


Statistics on usage patterns in every car park and operational dashboards for parking managers.

Parking Check

Dashboard for parking stewards that displays the end of parking sessions in real time.


Through standard APIs data from the Smart Parking solution can easily be integrated with your other applications.

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