International data at the best price

When travelling in the European Union

All Shape formulas allow you to send text messages, make calls and access the internet anywhere in the EU at the same rate as in Belgium.

Data reloads for the European Union

You can organise reloads (valid for 40 days) which enable you to access the internet anywhere within the EU and also in Belgium, in addition to your mobile package.

  • 500 MB: 4,13 € per reload
  • 2 GB: 14 € per reload

When travelling in the Best Destinations zone

The Best Destinations zone includes the following countries:

Australia, Canada, Cape Verde, China, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Palestine, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, USA.

Traveller Data option or Traveller Data Pass

9,92 €/month or 9,92€/pass valid 40 days

Best Destinations Data option or Best Destinations Data Pass

95€/month or a 95€/pass valid 40 days

When travelling around the world

World Traveller Data option or World Traveller Data Pass

  • 500 MB worldwide

120 €/month or 120 €/pass valid 40 days

World Data option or World Data Pass

  • 2 GB worldwide, except for the EU

330€/month or 330€/pass valid 40 days

How to activate or deactivate your options

If you are a Fleet Manager

Go to your Customer Zone and update the options for each card.

If you are a staff member (and pay part of your bill)

Open the My Orange app then go to the “Tariff and Options” menu, click on “Add an option” and then “I travel”.

Manage your budget with Travel Data Control

This simple, free service enables you to limit your mobile use abroad prior to your departure and to prevent any nasty surprises when you get your bill.

Your data connection will be blocked when you reach the limit which you have set. You can then either stop accessing the internet or extend your expenditure limit. Your internet access will then automatically be reconnected.

The default Travel Data Control limit is capped at €50 per billing period. To change this limit simply go to:

  • Your Customer Zone (for Fleet Managers): select a number and amend the Travel Data Control amount in the “Options” section.
  • The My Orange app (for staff members who pay part of their bill): go to the “Tariff and Options” menu, in the “My Options” section.

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