4 tips to protect your smartphones


On the one hand smartphones make your employees efficient in their daily tasks, but on the other they do represent a significant security risk. What actions do you take to avoid taking in a Trojan horse?

Should one of your employees' mobile devices end up in the wrong hands, there is a risk that people outside the company are able to access sensitive company data. Therefore, it is important to protect these devices properly.


1. Protect the devices before they are issued

If you are unsure how safe a device really is, it is often too late to take the appropriate security measures. Be sure to fully configure new devices before issuing them to employees. Also, you should make sure they always use an access code.


2. Prevent your staff from working on public WiFi networks

It is very risky to surf on a public network with a smartphone! This type of communication is easily intercepted by third parties. You should therefore always be sure that company communication is transmitted over a VPN (virtual private network). In this way you not only protect network traffic, but you also only have to control one point from threats such as cyber attacks and malware.


3. Use malware protection

Mobile operating systems are just as much the target of malware as Windows. So install an anti malware app such as Lookout, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Business or McAfee VirusScan Mobile on your staff smartphones. These types of apps scan your device for malicious apps and dispose of them. They also check the documents you download and the sites you visit. Modern devices are sufficiently powerful that the app's impact on performance remains limited.


4. Impose a security policy

If you already have a security policy then extend this to your mobile devices. Take into consideration requirements concerning the length of passwords. If you don't yet have a security policy be sure to implement one, as mobile devices are becoming increasingly widespread. Mobile Device Management (MDM) can help you to install and manage a security policy completely. For example, you can insist on the use of a password or remotely trace or block a device.


Do you wish to ensure the security of your company smartphones? Then contact your account manager for a Mobile Device Management solution.

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