Laptop, tablet or hybrid?


In the past those working on a mobile basis had no choice: they bought a laptop computer. These days however tablets can also be useful in many situations. Not to mention hybrid devices…


Each device has its advantages and disadvantages:


The laptop computer: the best price/quality ratio

The laptop remains unbeatable in terms of its quality/price ratio. For the same price the laptop gives you more RAM and storage space, a more powerful processor, a larger screen and plenty more options to upgrade compared to a tablet or hybrid system. Not only that, most suppliers provide special professional models with devices such as a fingerprint scanner, more reliable hardware and technical assistance 24/7. Lots of business software also only works using Windows and even when there is a mobile app this often provides less functionality than the Windows version. Finally, you can't beat a laptop if your work involves lots of typing as it is much easier to create text documents, modify spreadsheets or respond to mails using a real keyboard.


The tablet: the mobile champion 

Lighter, thinner and smaller, the tablet is certainly easier to transport than a normal laptop. There are even special, more robust versions to suit those working in factories and on building sites. Also, given the fact you don't need to open it up like a laptop, your tablet is always at hand: it's easy to check your mails quickly in the lift or look something up during a meeting. The battery lasts longer than a laptop, so there's no need to have to remember to recharge your tablet during the day!


The hybrid: the all-in-one

Hybrid devices are the best of both worlds. They combine the functionality of a tablet and a laptop. By detaching the removable keyboard or turning the screen 360° you transform it from a laptop into a tablet. In this way you never have to carry around two devices. If you want to do some typing you can use the hybrid like a computer. If you want a more mobile device to take on site later in the day then use it like a tablet. The downside of the hybrid device is the compromise you must make: it is heavier, more expensive and has less power than a tablet.


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