Using your smartphone as a co-pilot


With the Touring Mobilis app you can relax behind the wheel. It will provide you with updated information on traffic conditions, help you find a place to park and give assistance in the case of an accident.


The Touring Mobilis app provides assistance in the following ways:


1. Reliable traffic information

Touring Mobilis provides up-to-date traffic information on the map. You can choose to display traffic jams, accidents, other incidents, roadworks, mobile speed cameras or your favourite addresses. You can also highlight a problem on the road in a matter of seconds. In this way other road users will be informed.


2. Alternative routes

Do you often take the same journeys? Again, the Touring Mobilis app will be a great help. An alternative route will be suggested in case of traffic jams. This will save you plenty of time!


3. Helping you to park

Are you looking for a car park? You can rely on Touring Mobilis, who works in partnership with BePark, a parking network in larger towns and cities. Search for a car park in your desired area and find out if there are spaces and how much it costs as well as being given the route and the time it will take you to get there. Your smartphone serves as the key to the car park. Once you are parked the app will remember where your vehicle is located so that you can easily find it again later.


4. Meeting reminders 

The Time to go function will warn you when it is time to leave for a meeting. Enter your departure address, destination and the time you wish to arrive. An intelligent algorithm based on updated traffic conditions and traffic history over the past three years will calculate the time you need to leave in order to arrive on time. The app can also import meetings from your agenda.


5. Rapid breakdown assistance

In case of a breakdown simply press the warning triangle on the app. You then just need to identify the nature of the problem (breakdown, accident or other). You can alert others of your problem in a just a few steps, even if you are not a member of Touring Mobilis. Operators will be informed of your situation and your location so that you will quickly receive help.


Download the Touring Mobilis app for iOS or Android.

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