Optimum coverage, even at the office

network extender

Using the Network Extender, you can create a 3G network in buildings that do not enjoy the best coverage, due for instance to concrete walls or heavy insulation. It is then no problem to make calls and surf.

Orange treats the quality of the network as a priority. We therefore make significant investments in this area. And we are successful: according to the last Commsquare study, our 3G network has a coverage of more than 91.5 % indoors, which is better than the competition. The coverage is however still not perfect.


What are the possible reasons for a lack of indoor coverage?

- Certain regional authorities limit the emission capacity of mobile phone masts.

- The more metal and concrete that is used in a building, the greater the risk that coverage will not be perfect.

- New insulation technology can be the cause in some modern buildings.


Improve your signal with the Network Extender

The Network Extender does not act as an amplifier of the external mast, but is a mini antenna for indoor use, allowing 8 simultaneous conversations. With a Network Extender in the office you can improve 3G coverage for your staff and visitors, allowing them to call and surf without a problem. The coverage reaches a distance of 15 metres around the box. Orange will also supply, configure and install the box for you.


A summary of the advantages

  • 3G coverage indoors, even when there is no coverage outdoors
  • Excellent 3G coverage up to 15 m around the box
  • Improvement in mobile calls and data
  • A single investment, with no monthly fees
  • Expert installation by Orange


What do you need?

- Internet connection: access to the Orange network using your internet.

Central Ethernet connection: an Ethernet port in the middle of the room.


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