Orange provides analysis on visitors during events


Using mobile phone masts, Orange is able to collect and analyse visitor data at large events and practically in real time. This allows event organisers to improve their service and gain new insights without having to carry out in-depth market research.


The total number of visitors, the number of people present in a particular zone, the change in the number of visitors during the day: This kind of data is incredibly valuable for security reasons and to help in managing mass events. And the good news? From now on organisers can get this information without having to do a manual count.


Counting visitors using mobile phone masts

Everyone has a mobile phone with them these days… Orange can therefore use the big data from masts to analyse movements during events. User data from the Orange network is first grouped anonymously at source. This means it is impossible to identify individuals, thus guaranteeing their privacy. The data is then extrapolated based on market share, giving more visibility on the number of visitors and their movements. This information is also extremely valuable for emergency services.


From Giants in Antwerp…

Orange has already carried out counts and analyses of data using their mobile network during a variety of mass events. Indeed Orange, formerly Mobistar, was present during the Giants' procession in Antwerp. These gigantic puppets from the theatre company Royal de Luxe attracted a crowd of no less than 900,000 people, in June 2015! Using the network Orange was not only able to study the flow of visitors, but also their concentration at different moments of the day.


 … to fans of the Tour de France

Orange also attended the Tour de France in Antwerp. The emergency services were kept informed of the number of spectators in the various areas and the manner in which they moved about. Orange also gathered informative insights into the origin of supporters, namely their local region, home town or (sub) province, or country of origin. With the help of Orange, the city gleaned plenty of information, without the need for expensive and cumbersome market research.


The big data from Orange has also proved its uses at other mass events, including the DVV Antwerp 10 Miles, the Sinksenfoor, Mons 2015 and during the sales period in Antwerp.


The advantages of big data analysis from Orange:

  • Improve visitor safety by keeping the emergency services informed
  • No need to hang cameras to make calculations, nor for WiFi pylons nor physical counters
  • Visitor numbers are available practically in real time, and also by the hour, day and week
  • It is easy to identify the number of visitors from a certain area, as well as the country of origin of foreign visitors
  • The overall client experience is improved thanks to a streamlined event.


Would you like to know more about event analysis? Your Account manager would be delighted to answer all your questions.


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