BabyKid: "A solution for every employee"


We can guarantee our customers the perfect service thanks to the global offer at Orange.

Sandro Bassani


BabyKid employs 90 staff across 15 stores in Wallonia and Brussels. The chain specialises in childcare products. What is striking is their well-organised stock management, and this is partly thanks to Orange. Sandro Bassani, the company's co-founder and managing director: “We required a reliable and transparent telecommunication partner, covering both our fixed and mobile telecommunications. As far as we were concerned Orange was the obvious choice.”


The challenge

Orange, a reliable partner

BabyKid was the result of a merger between two companies. One of the companies already used Orange, the other did not. Sandro Bassani: “It was four years ago that we decided to make everything into one company. We therefore needed a reliable partner for our telecommunications. When we analysed and compared the various operators Orange was quite clearly the best choice.”


The best service for our customers

In retail, stock management is absolutely crucial, along with communication. “Fixed lines are essential, as our various shops are in regular contact with each other. This explains the importance of free fixed internal communication,” says Sandro Bassani. And he adds: “When it comes to mobility Shape is the perfect response to our needs. For example, this package helps us provide our customers with rapid solutions when it's urgent.”


The solution

A solution for every employee

Sandro Bassani: “Our shop staff all have access to a landline. You can count those using a mobile phone or smartphone on one hand. That's why we were also so keen on the various formulas in Shape. Our delivery personnel can now easily contact a customer in case of a delayed delivery.”

“Some of our suppliers come from France, the Netherlands or Germany. We can now contact them easily without putting a strain on our budget.”


A step ahead using the Hardware Bonus Program

Using the Hardware Bonus Program you can kit out your staff with the best 4G smartphones. This is a real joint investment. Sandro Bassani also received a number of different vouchers which he certainly intends using: “We are planning to update our smartphones in the near future. The advantages of the Hardware Bonus Program then come in really handy. In this package Orange actually co-invests in the devices, allowing us to work more efficiently.”


The results


“We enjoy enormous financial benefits using Shape. We achieve considerable savings without any compromise in the Orange service. We are certainly convinced of all the advantages in this solution. Why change?”


Control and transparency

Sandro Bassani: “Using Invoice Split, included in Shape, we have a good overview of each staff member's usage. This is ideal to create a personalised offer.”


Accessible wherever and whenever

Data is also important in a company like BabyKid. “From now on our staff enjoy unprecedented flexibility and availability. They can make calls, mails and surf to their heart's content. And all for a great price.”


Do your mobile and fixed telecom solutions lack what it takes to fit the bill? Then find out about our various Shape packages and discover how your staff can affordably be equipped with modern 4G smartphones thanks to the Hardware Bonus Program from Orange.

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