5 advantages of mobile printing


You shouldn't forget to allow all mobile devices in your company (smartphones or tablets) to access your printers. However, there's much more to mobile printing than just that.

For a few years now the majority of printer manufacturers have been offering the opportunity to print wirelessly or via the internet (mobile printing or cloudprinting). Take for example Google Cloud Print, Apple AirPrint and HP ePrint. Mobile printing has the following advantages:


1. Print wherever you are 

With cloudprinting, your location is totally irrelevant when you want to print a document. Transfer the file to print to your office printer using a mobile app or mail address.


2. Save time

You no longer need to wait until you are behind the computer at your desk to print a document. Print it whenever you like, at home, in the middle of the night, in a traffic jam or at a client's. The result: your printed document will be ready and waiting for you when you return to the office.


3. Ready for the new way of working

Cloudprinting will send your company to the heart of new ways of working. This method focuses on flexible working, wherever and whenever it suits you. If permanent work stations are to disappear then it's important that your employees can print easily on their chosen printer in your company, wherever they may be.


4. Security

Mobile printing systems offer various possibilities to protect printed documents from being seen by those who are not concerned. If you have sent a file for printing then you will receive a PIN code on your mobile device. By entering this PIN code on the printer the document will be printed.


5. Easy for temporary authorisation

If you wish to allow visitors or staff to use your printers for a short while this is easy using mobile printing. As no drivers are required for the installation they can also get things done really quickly.


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