IT protection: back to basics


Like all companies you also need to protect all kinds of sensitive data from unauthorised access. But what is the key to efficient protection? Let's get back to basics.

A look at the basic principles of efficient IT protection.


1. Issue a minimum of rights

Give your users the minimum rights they require to do their job. In this way you prevent a marketing employee accessing accounting files or a virus in the mail box of a junior system manager infecting your web server.


2. Give protection at a number of levels 

Make sure you never depend on a single type of protection. Instead choose protection consisting of various independent layers to avoid risk, even when one layer fails. For example, don't just protect the web interface for managers with a user name and password, but filter access based on the IP address as well.


3. Apply an effective password policy

Access to most IT systems is protected using a password. However; we are all notoriously bad at choosing and remembering a good password. In order to prevent staff members from using passwords such as 123456, explain to them how important it is to have a complex password. In addition, use a unique identification system (single sign-on) to so that your colleagues do not have to remember a variety of passwords.


4. Monitor everything

If you are ever the victim of a cyber attack you will want to know why, to prevent it from happening again. That's logical. That is why it is so important to regularly monitor what is happening on your network.


5. Carry out regular tests

Even when you take the strictest precautions and you employ the soundest procedures, you must still test them, in order to keep monitor  their ability to protect you. You should therefore carry out regular tests. Ask an external consultant to try and access your network, try and find out whether your staff are using passwords that are too simple and test your disaster recovery plan.


Does your IT protection respect the basics in efficient protection? Take a look at Orange's protection solutions for your specific needs.

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