7 indispensable apps for business trips


Business trips can be such a hassle! Fortunately there are some really useful mobile apps available. These can help in all kinds of ways, such as organising your flight, overcoming jetlag and transferring expense notes.

The following apps are indispensable whenever you go on a business trip:



Do you always forget something when you travel for business? PackPoint acts as your personal packing assistant, giving you a checklist based on a number of questions such as your gender, destination and length of stay.


Brussels Airport

Using the official app from Brussels Airport you will have the information you need regarding your flight, any gate changes, the conveyor where you can retrieve your luggage and waiting times at the security gates.


TripIt Travel Organizer

You can organise your business trips from A to Z using TripIt Travel Organizer. Mail your flight confirmation, details concerning hotels, restaurants or your rental car to TripIt and you will be sent a daily itinerary.


Jet Lag Rooster

Those days of struggling out of bed, turning up at meetings feeling tired and looking like a wreck are over! Jet Lag Rooster will create a personalised travel plan to limit the impact of jetlag.



Fed up with all the hassle of administration? Then you will love Xpenditure! Photograph your receipts and send your expense notes back home. Not only that, bills in foreign money will automatically be converted back into local currency.


7 Minute Workout ‘Seven’

Staying in a hotel without fitness facilities and still planning to keep in shape? The 7 Minutes Workout ‘Seven’ app, a chair and a wall are all you need for a brisk 7-minute workout.


Field Trip

Is there room in your busy schedule for a short break? Then use the Field Trip app to guide you on a walking tour with information about the local area.


Enhance your business trips using great mobile apps. Using a Roaming Pass package you can also surf at really good rates while abroad. 

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