Towards the mobile business!


Restaurants are taking orders on tablets. Home nurses check their files on the go. Technicians are warned immediately in case of failure. Enterprise Mobility is making itself felt in the everyday lives of businesses.


Enterprise Mobility is about connecting peoplemachines and processes. The advantage for your business? A significant increase in productivity and customer satisfaction.


Boost your productivity

Just think of salespeople who can view their stock anywhere, on a tablet. Or technicians who prepare their reports on site. By integrating smartphones and tablets into your business processes, your employees have all the information at hand and you simplify your administration.


Boost customer satisfaction

Since your employees have the right information at any time, their clients can give feedback faster. Planning optimisation makes last-minute action possible. And upon delivery, customers can put their signature on the tablet and immediately share their evaluation.


Orange, a solid base 

Orange supports your whole mobile strategy. To help you meet the various challenges, we have structured our offer into four categories:


Making your business more mobile? Look at this video and see the questions you should ask yourself.

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