5 tips to make the most of your time while travelling


Your trip abroad certainly occupies all your thoughts. However, good preparation can save valuable time. You can even work perfectly on the plane.


1. Choose a roaming rate plan

Make sure that the roaming option of your mobile subscription is activated. Choose the roaming formula adapted to your usage: you would like to browse only? Or call and send text messages? Or all three? Will you use it occasionally or frequently? Would you like to communicate at a good price in a country to which you go regularly, in all European countries or everywhere in the world? Thanks to the appropriate roaming formula and to the service that informs you on your usage, you no longer have to worry about price rates.


2. Prepare your mobile phone for your trip

Before your departure abroad, check that you have activated the roaming option on your mobile phone. Make sure that all Belgian numbers in your directory start with +32 or 0032 in order to call them without a problem from abroad. Remember to add the number of your voice mail to be able to listen to it when you're abroad: +32 495 95 55 50.


3. Check in via your mobile phone

Many airlines now offer an app that allows you to register online. Just enter the code of your e-ticket or booking number and maybe modify the seat assigned to you. You will receive your boarding pass by email or text message. This electronic boarding pass contains a bar code scanned when you board. Say goodbye to paper boarding passes! However, make sure in advance that the airport accepts electronic boarding passes. Otherwise, print them.

4. Work while you fly

Carry your laptop in your hand luggage and take advantage of the flight to work. Many tasks can be easily performed aboard a plane: preparing meetings, reports or presentations, dealing with emails, etc. Warning: internet use during the flight is not included in Orange's roaming bundles. A supplement will be charged by the airline. Your plane doesn't offer wireless internet? Write your emails during the flight and send them once you're back on solid ground. Think about charging your laptop beforehand, because all planes don't have the necessary electrical outlets.


5. Share these tips with your colleagues 

Share these tips and many others with your colleagues. That will be perfect to help each other and make the most of your trip abroad.


Are you looking for the right roaming formula to call and browse abroad? Orange proposes a wide range of roaming services to fit your travelling profile. 

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