Why has the number of smartphone thefts dropped?


The number of smartphone thefts has significantly dropped thanks to the "kill switch" and the MDM. Discover how you can prevent your smartphones and your company data from falling into the wrong hands.


Apple's Activation Lock

Manufacturers are making great efforts to protect your data. Apple's Activation Lock appeared on the market about a year and a half ago. This application, also known as the "kill switch" can deactivate a mobile device at a distance. That's why Apple devices have become much less attractive to thieves.


Samsung and Google

Other manufacturers like Samsung and Google now rely on this anti-theft method. Samsung integrated it a year ago in its Galaxy S5. Google has followed this trend with its Android operating system since the 5.0 version (Lollipop).


Picture of the thief 

Other specific apps, like Find My iPhone and Lookout, offer similar features.


MDM: your ally for a centralised management 

Most of these solutions are activated at the user's individual initiative. But centralised management of mobile devices is essential for a company. This is where Mobile Device Management systems can be very useful. They enable a company to block all its mobile devices and to delete the data they contain.

A growing number of companies are now using these Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems. And that's the second reason why the number of mobile phone thefts is dropping.

Companies recommend MDM systems rather than individual solutions over which they have no control. Indeed, if the individual user leaves the company, the device is no longer accessible. 


Result: fewer thefts

The efforts of manufacturers and businesses are paying off. A survey by PC World in three global cities indicates that the number of stolen smartphones decreased drastically. New York recorded a decrease of 16% of thefts and even a quarter for iPhone thefts. This decrease amounted to 27% in San Francisco and 40% in London.


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