Protect your pro network in the cloud


You have or are considering a network via IP VPN or a connection via Corporate Internet? Discover the new Fix Corporate Security Packages and opt for customised security.


More and more employees now have access to the internet through the corporate network, whether on a desktop computer at the office, from home, or on mobile devices. Social media are, moreover, increasingly often part of the daily life of a business and are among the most visited sites. Viruses and malware are also maliciously clever. And these are just a few of the challenges your professional network will face.


Assemble your own security

To face these security risks, we developed three Security Packages together with our technology partner Dimension Data. We integrated them to our Fix Corporate solution. You can combine them as you like: seven combinations are available for you. They guarantee tailor-made security for your company.

Furthermore, each Security Package is entirely hosted in the cloud. In other words, you don't need to install any additional equipment or software to use yours.


Package 1: Protect

This formula protects your company's LAN. It includes a firewall that repels intruders from your corporate network and a Network Address Translation system that translates your IP addresses and simplifies routing.


Package 2: Advanced Mail & Web Security

Mail Security requires your own mail server. This pack protects you from spam thanks to an advanced reputation protection: by blocking incoming and outgoing spam, Mail Security makes sure that your mail domain never ends up on a black list. Thus, it guarantees the continuity of your mail traffic.

Furthermore, thanks to Web Security, you block the URL of 15 different categories (illegal or unethical, pornographic, risky, phishing, etc.). It's a way of preventing visits to prohibited sites from your corporate network.


Package 3: Threat Prevention

This threat prevention kit is based on a database that includes thousands of known threats that bypass firewalls. Automatic updates ensure continuous protection of your network against the latest threats. The "flow-based antivirus" solution also makes it possible to scan files of any size without compromising performance.

You can combine these three Security Packages. They also include other possibilities, like reporting. Your account manager will be happy to tell you more.


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