The connected car: a tablet on 4 wheels


The Tesla Model S is a tablet on 4 wheels. This electric car transmits one gigabyte of data per month. But the internet connection is not the only characteristic of this hi-tech car.


For many years, cars have had more electronics than mechanical parts. And in recent years we've noted a growing tendency to connect these electronics to the internet. Cars are becoming the new smartphones. The connected car is one of the main applications of the Internet of things. What are the possibilities and what does the future have in store for us?


1. Monitor your car fleet

If you equip your company cars with a track & trace system, you can ask for the coordinates of your vehicles in real time. This is ideal for an optimum use of your fleet, but also for asset management and to fight against theft. The software directs your drivers to an alternative route instead of ending up in a traffic jam. Thanks to recording kilometres, you automatically calculate the mobility allowance of your employees, while the black box enables you to monitor your drivers' driving habits.


2. A travelling hotspot

A vehicle equipped with an internet connection can share this connection with portable devices (smartphone or tablet) via a wireless hotspot. This provides optimal internet access in the car. 4G even allows HD video streaming!


3. Calling emergency services 

As of 2018, all new cars must be equipped with eCall across Europe. In case of accident, it will automatically call 112, the European emergency telephone number. And if the driver is no longer able to speak, eCall will send relevant information to emergency services, including the vehicle location, time, type of vehicle and the type of fuel used.


4. Intelligent cars

Europe is working on tomorrow's car. Frequencies have been reserved for intelligent cars, capable of wireless communication between themselves or with the transport infrastructure, for instance to maintain a safe distance, brake in time and slow down to improve traffic flow.


Interested in intelligent company cars? Orange is the number one on the Machine-to-Machine market and has been working on connected cars since 2001. In collaboration with our specialised partners, we propose tailor-made M2M solutions for your company.

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