Tips to memorise your passwords


It can be difficult to memorise your passwords. However, they're essential to secure your accounts. Here are 4 tips to create passwords that are complex but easy to memorise.


1. A password sentence

Choose the first letters of a complete sentence to create your password. Be sure to include digits and punctuation marks and add them literally. Add a few special characters. An example of a password sentence: "In 2015, it will be ten years since I started working at Orange, time sure flies!" will give the following password ‘I'15iwb10ysIswaOrange,tsf!’. The result: a long password that looks like it's been generated automatically, but easy to memorise and impossible to guess by thirds. Warning: don't choose a sentence from a famous book and make sure your password includes at least 15 characters.


2. Suffixes

Preferably choose a different password for every website or service you use so other accounts are not compromised if a password is revealed. The problem? You then need to remember dozens of passwords. Easy! Use the same password, but include the name of the website or service. Your Facebook password will be for instance 'I’15iwb10ysIswaOrange,tsf!Facebook' And your professional email box 'I’15iwb10ysIswaOrange,tsf!probox'.


3. Modified passwords

Many companies require their workers to change their passwords regularly for security reasons. No need to reinvent the wheel! Just use the same combination by adding the year and the quarter. Example: ‘2014Q1I’15iwb10ysIswaOrange,tsf!’.


4. Password manager

Unable to remember long complicated passwords despite these tips? Then use a password manager. This software remembers your codes for you and stores them in encrypted form. You will only access them through a master password. So make sure that the master password is complex but easy to remember.


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