A better management of your external activities?


With the PictBaseAir cloud-based mobile solution, you create professional mobile apps in 4 steps. Just what you need to boost the productivity of your mobile workforce by 20%.


Keeping track of your teams in the field is not an easy task: complicated schedules, time-consuming administration and awkward communication, etc. So many challenges for you. How could you better organise and monitor your mobile employees?


Personalise your apps with PictBaseAir

With PictBaseAir, you can create mobile applications without any development, thanks to an integrated management module. For instance, you can create apps that enable your sales personnel to record their orders more easily, to follow up the progress of the building projects, etc. 


Discover the advantages of a cloud solution

  • A 20% increase in the productivity of the teams in the field
  • Increased control on your external activities
  • Perfectly fits the needs of your company and its mobile employees
  • Economical: reduced paper consumption, less errors, etc.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry


Your clients will also see the difference

PictBaseAir doesn't just facilitate the life of your mobile employees. Since you have better control over your external activities, you can offer faster feedback and service to your clients. In the end, everybody wins.


PictBaseAir is one of the professional applications of the Orange ecosystem.
More info? Discover PictBaseAir and our other professional applications here.

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