Six ways for taxi clients to move forward thanks to mobility


More than 500 taxis of the Brussels company Taxis Verts were recently connected to the eCab taxi app. "We have always been innovative in terms of mobile technology. And that also goes for our clients," says Michel Pêtre, CEO of Taxis Verts, the main taxi company in the Brussels region.


Mobile technology transforms businesses and their relationships with clients. Taxis Verts is an excellent example. eCab, their simple and user-friendly app, is a game-changer within the organisation, and notably in terms of customer relations, at more than one level.


1. Transparent service

For clients, it is already a clear improvement. As soon as they want to order a taxi, they just have to enter their destination address and let the program calculate the itinerary based on their current location.

After this request, the client can follow the progress of the driver in real time. “When you order a taxi, you can also follow the location of the car on a map," says Michel Pêtre. “With this app, clients can see how the traffic evolves. They can automatically spot possible traffic problems and delays on their screen. This makes a world of difference for those waiting for their taxi,” he adds.


2. Efficiency and time savings

This app also enables Taxis Verts to quickly know where its customers are. At stake: a more fluid management of the taxi fleet. The company aims at providing a taxi to the customer in less than ten minutes. "The client may have to wait less but sometimes more. However, we strive to meet the 10-minute deadline," explains Michel Pêtre. Using an app is also much more effective than waiting for a taxi to pass, see if it is already occupied and then hailing it.


3.  WiFi on board

Mobility is also perfectly showcased inside the taxi. Since November, Taxis Verts offers free internet in 50 taxis in the Brussels-Capital Region. Passengers have access to the internet via Orange's 4G network (with 99% coverage in Brussels) thanks to a SIM card placed in the taxi. Orange's 4G connection is then transformed into WiFi inside the taxi.

This Belgian exclusivity transforms taxis into true "mobile offices", enabling passengers to make the most of the time they spend on board.


4. Drivers are evaluated

The eCab app has not fundamentally modified work within the company Taxis Verts. “We were already using a similar system internally. So it's not a U-turn in terms of operational planning for our fleet,” underlines Michel Pêtre from Taxis Verts.

The main change for taxi drivers is of another nature: the evaluations. With this app, clients can now evaluate taxi drivers after their ride. “But there hasn't been any opposition from our drivers. Evaluations are positive in the vast majority of the cases.”


5. New payment options

Another innovation concerns the payment of the ride. "Customers can pay directly via the app. Then, they receive an email with a full-fledged invoice," explains Michel Pêtre. A convenient service, since half of the Taxis Verts customers who already use the app second-and they are becoming more numerous-are businessmen.


6. Cost estimate

The sector, and thus Taxis Verts, is in constant evolution. “We will soon be able to give our clients an estimate of the arrival time and the amount of the ride, while the taxi is still riding. Many clients really value this kind of service.”

According to Michel Pêtre, Orange's contribution to this project is essential. “They are our data supplier. Reliable communication between vehicles, the call centre and the clients is vital for us. Not one of our taxis is driving without Orange. We are very happy with their service.” It's a nice way to put mobility at the service of a smoother relationship with clients.

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