The cloud, the n°1 priority for businesses


In terms of IT, businesses mainly invest in cloud computing, safety and data analysis. But what are the domains that will show the strongest growth next year?


Security technologies will represent the major part of IT investment. Currently, they've gone up by 46%. Cloud computing went up by 42% and budgets for data analysis increased by 38%. Storage technologies went up by 36% and investment in mobile technologies and services by 35%.

These results were revealed in a study by IDG Enterprise Research, based on the Computerworld Forecast Study for 2015 involving approximately 200 companies. The results perfectly reflect the way enterprises manage IT and IT expenditures.


Priority to cloud and network

According to most IT departments (16%), cloud computing is becoming the most important domain. The study also indicated that the cloud will play a key role for enterprise and industry.

Due to the boom of cloud computing, data, applications and infrastructure are relocating more and more often to an external location, beyond the company walls. The network must be able to support these additional services.


Increasing budgets 

General IT spending increased by an average of 4.3%. For next year, 43% of companies contacted by IDG are planning to increase their IT budget. It will remain stable for 45% of them, while it will decrease for only 12% of them.


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