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A more efficient management of your mobile fleet, with mobile devices and applications best adapted to your profile? Discover our solutions.


These innovations are called Device Manager, Aidoo Mobile and Helena. These are totally innovative solutions.


100% mobile carefree with Device Manager

Thanks to Device Manager, the ready-for-use solution, any SME can externalise the management of its mobile fleet and thus make the most of the many technologies that save time and money. Everything is performed through a private and extremely secured cloud. Not to mention the expertise and the advice of our specialists.


Aidoo Mobile: for a more efficient management of your mobile employees 

Aidoo Mobile offers an intelligent web platform and a mobile application to follow your activities in the field. Real-time reporting and control boost your profitability and improve the quality of your service in real time.


Use the smartest apps and the most recent devices, thanks to Helena

You don't know exactly what business apps and mobile devices would be most efficient for your company? That's absolutely normal: the offer is so abundant. And confusing. Ironically, Orange solves this problem with… an app. An app yes, but a very special app: Helena.


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