Easy management of your mobile fleet with Device Manager

device manager

Many companies would like to become more mobile, but sometimes they don't know where to begin. Or they just can't find the right solutions for them. No longer true with Device Manager.


In short, Device Manager is the result of a collaboration between Orange and Systemat, a top-level IT expert. With Device Manager, you can easily use the innumerable mobile technologies that help you save time and money. All through your own highly secure cloud. So you become 100% mobile without IT resources or expertise.


What do you need to do? Nothing

All your employees with mobility needs receive a mobile device that's been pre-configured by Orange, so they can directly access the necessary information and corporate apps that are stored in the company's own secure cloud. Moreover, your employees have access to a helpdesk, where experts are always ready to give them advice and solve their problems.


Just right for your SME

Device Manager is ready for use. Result: you don't lose time integrating complex mobile solutions or looking for experts. Furthermore, you pay a tranparent monthly amount for each user. This amount always includes all services. A ready-to-use solution, clear and simple.


Welcome to the mobile era

Device Manager is a perfect illustration of Orange's Enterprise Mobility approach. Mobile activity is currently on the rise. And Orange–with Systemat–turns this trend into an advantage for you.


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