An app about… mobile apps and devices


There are always more apps, mobile devices, more of everything It's easy to get confused. This is why Orange has launched an application that quickly identifies the right apps and devices.


Mobile devices and business applications are vital for your business. They help gain productivity, efficiency and competitiveness:

  • They improve the quality of your service and thus your customer satisfaction
  • They improve collaboration among your employees
  • They help you save paper and kilometres. Ideal in reducing your carbon footprint.

Still wondering what are the devices and applications that are most useful for your business?


‘Helena’ unveils the most recent apps and devices

To help you choose your mobile devices and business apps, Orange developed a smart app, Helena, and installed it on the tablets of its account managers. It can help you:

  • Choose one or more devices, after having analysed your use, your preferences and your budget
  • Choose the most appropriate apps. You only need to select the sector and your domain of activity (CRM, supply, retail, etc.). Helena then plays a short video and displays all the information necessary regarding the relevant apps


Enterprise Mobility, practically speaking

For Orange, Enterprise Mobility is not just another buzzword. It is a transparent approach to the way mobile technology pushes your business forward. It offers many new possibilities for your organisation and can facilitate many corporate processes.


Thanks to this app, the threshold to mobility is now lower.


Is this app good news for you? Your account manager tells you all. 

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