6 Belgian employees out of 10 are mobile


Almost 6 out of 10 Belgian employees can be considered "mobile workers", according to the consulting firm IDC. What about your business? Did you know that you can be mobile at home and in the office?


According to IDC, mobile employees are divided in three categories: those who work on the go, those who work from the office and those who work from home.


Are your employees working on the go?

The first type of mobile workers includes employees who work on the go. Example: a technician who checks his schedule on site via a mobile device or who gives feedback on an activity. The employees working at another fixed location, at a customer, for example, also fall into the category of mobile employees.


Do your employees work from home?

All employees who work from home are mobile employees. IDC calls it telecommuting. These employees work, for example, in their kitchen and keep in touch with their company through their PC, tablet or smartphone. According to IDC, they can be called mobile employees, whether they telecommute occasionally, regularly or daily.


Do your employees work in the office?

Actually, there are mobile workers in the office. Some workers, for instance, don't have their own fixed desk. Their employer can then take an approach called "flex desk" where the majority of employees change (need to change) desk regularly. Even those who work occasionally at another office location are considered mobile workers.


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