A CO2-neutral company is not just a dream


We've been working since 2006 to reduce our CO2 emissions. The results speak for themselves: our emissions dropped by 75%. Now we compensate the incompressible emissions related to our operations. Our efforts are rewarded and you're harvesting the fruit.


For several years now, the independent climate consultant CO2logic has been helping us reduce our environmental footprint. Through many measures, our head office building is now more environmentally friendly, paper handling has been improved, we use energy more efficiently, manage our waste sustainably, opted for a green energy contract, we have a fleet with low CO2 emissions, we adopted a telework policy, etc.

To go further in our approach, we now compensate incompressible CO2 emissions resulting from our operations, voluntarily. To do so, we use the "CO2 compensation" mechanism that funds projects to reduce CO2 emissions in other parts of the world. This mechanism is certified Gold Standard (a label developed among others by WWF).


CO2-neutral mobile activity

Thanks to the drastic reduction of our CO2 emissions and the compensation mechanism, the Orange stores, network and headquarters operate in total neutrality in terms of CO2 emissions. The domains involved for this neutrality are electricity, gas, fuel, paper, waste material, business trips and the refrigerants for air conditioning systems.


A concrete action in Uganda

In the context of the CO2 compensation mechanism, Orange has chosen to support the Cookstove project fighting deforestation in Uganda and improving living conditions of Ugandans by building ovens.  The local population depends for 95% on wood and charcoal for cooking. Each sustainable oven distributed consumes 40% less fuel than a traditional model. Over a year, this represents a reduction of 1.4 tons of emissions a day.

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