Smartwatch: advantages and traps


2014 should be the year of the smartwatch. Does this intelligent watch offer real added value? What trends are emerging? What are its advantages and disadvantages? We're taking stock for you.


The smartwatch offer is growing fast. This intelligent watch connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you remain informed of incoming calls and messages, emails, calendar notifications, etc. Most smartwatches give you the opportunity to navigate through your music and even to take photos. Good… But where's the added value?


Discretely trendy

The main advantage? You don't need to take your smartphone everywhere with you: leave it in your pocket or your handbag and remain discreetly informed of the important events. Much less distracting during meetings or discussions with clients.

Ever more intelligent

Smartwatches are increasingly intelligent. Thanks to crowdfunding, Pebble, one of the first popular smartwatches, has sold nearly 200,000 devices. The Samsung Gear 2 achieved excellent results, while the expectations regarding the Android Wear watches are very high. The possibilities offered by these watches are thus increasing in a spectacular way.

Voice control and readability in sunlight

The device gives the time and sends important messages, not to mention fitness tracker features in most cases. And that's not all: we'll soon control our smartwatches using voice commands, the battery will last longer, we'll be able to read the screen in bright sunlight and more and more special apps dedicated to these highly portable devices will emerge.

A gadget? A hype?

Probably not. IDC predicts that 19 million smartwatches will be sold this year and Business Insider analysts predict a tenfold multiplication of the wearables market within the next two or three years. And now, we're waiting for Apple to come out of the woods and reveal its iWatch.


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