The future is mobile (marketing)


Mobile marketing? A hot topic. Mobile technology is increasingly rooted in our everyday life and marketers are looking for new ways to connect with consumers.


5 reasons why mobile marketing is vital for your business:


1. Facebook goes mobile

Today, Facebook makes hundreds of millions of dollars per quarter through the sale of commercial ads. These messages are more and more often read on a smartphone or tablet. For some time now, the web giant has been adding short videos to the wall of its users, which start automatically as soon as they appear on the screen.


2. Advertising follows you everywhere

Location-based mobile marketing is the new hype in the advertising world. This concept opens up unparalleled opportunities to advertisers. Cutting-edge technology allows them to send strategic and carefully selected messages to a smartphone when the user, for instance, strolls down a shopping street or walks past a restaurant.


3. Email becomes a mobile application

More than half of all email sent are currently from a mobile device. Email thus becomes a key channel for mobile marketing. Top marketers take full advantage of this potential and adapt the format of their message to the size of a smartphone screen.


4. Smartphones as payment devices

Far from being solely dedicated to calls and Internet browsing, smartphones will soon allow us to make payments. Result: the time between receiving an advertising message and impulse buying disappears completely. Marketers then face a considerable challenge: convincing consumers of the convenience and the other advantages of this method of payment.


5. The future is mobile

Developments in wearables technology change the way we approach everyday technology. Smartphones have become essential, the tablet is experiencing explosive growth and we will soon all wear a smartwatch and Google Glass. To the extent that mobile technologies are increasingly rooted in our daily lives, savvy marketers are looking for new ways to create a natural interaction with users.


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