Ter Elst:"4G faster than WiFi"


I’m constantly shuttling between our various hotels. With 4G, I can take my office with me wherever I go.

Tom Hendrickx


Most of Ter Elst’s guests are there on business. Whether they are attending a conference or an event, the sophisticated multi-functional infrastructure means everything is possible. “A high-performance telecoms infrastructure is of vital importance,” explains Tom Hendrickx, Ter Elst’s Manager. “All our customers want to be able to get on with their work, at any time, just as they would in the office. And the same goes for me and my colleagues here at the hotel.”


The challenge

Telecoms-led efficiency 

The Ter Elst Hotel is keen to offer its customers the very best in telecoms facilities. They are also keen to help their own staff work more efficiently. "We don't work to a set timetable," explains Tom Hendrickx. "Our staff are largely responsible for organising their own working day. All we ask of them is that they are on hand to help our guests or to take a booking ‘outside’ office hours. Everything needs to work as smoothly as clockwork, even when working remotely."


The solution

The new standard for mobile internet

"We are convinced that our approach improves the working environment and the efficiency of our staff, and this is all down to Orange 4G." To achieve this, every member of staff gets the very latest device with unlimited data, and obviously one which is 4G-compatible. This is perfect for staying connected both personally and professionally, whether at the hotel or away from it. "In the course of a working day I might find myself at any number of our Antwerp sites. There is great 4G coverage right across Antwerp. This is great news for us and all our guests."


The results

Better service in more ways than one

"Thanks to Orange 4G, our customers get better service. On the one hand, they can work at any number of our hotel sites, as though they were at the office. On the other hand, our staff are more readily available and able to help our customers more quickly." Tom Hendrickx also values 4G's security. "In theory, WiFi networks can be subject to attack, but with 4G this is impossible. This is a great advantage, not least because we know that here most of our data traffic is business related. Even better: 4G is faster than WiFi. This is a clear and indeed indispensable benefit as far as we are concerned."


Would you like to make the most of your business opportunities with faster mobile internet? Find out what 4G has to offer you.

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