More "intelligent" mobile collaboration gets results


Mobile collaboration is the future. You don't need much to considerably facilitate your mobile tasks every day. You are the first link in a more "intelligent" collaboration. Here are a few tips to get you on the right track.


Tip 1: the cloud isn't for everyone

Your business or department is constantly using file exchanges via cloud services like Dropbox. Remember that some of your colleagues use their personal connection, not their business data connection on their smartphone. Result: security is compromised. That's why you should perform regular checks.


Tip 2: civility

With your smartphone, you reply to emails faster than ever. However, don't send emails unnecessarily to people in Bcc: always be sure to send them only to the person concerned. No less than 36% of workers are annoyed when receiving emails that are not intended for them.


Tip 3: localisation

Always allow your smartphone to indicate where you are. In other words, enable the localisation tool. This will allow your colleagues to know where you are at a glance: at a customer, at the office, at the airport or on the road. They'll then be able to know if you are available or not.


Tip 4: use your calendar rather than email

Better to send invitations to meetings or brainstorming sessions via a mobile calendar program than through email. The appointment is displayed instantly on the agenda of the recipients who can confirm their presence very easily. Better still, the person who created the appointment can quickly check the list of participants and absentees.

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