Tomorrow's smartphone


The electronics giants are secretly working on smartphones that you will likely find in stores only in two, three or four years. Wondering what the future has in store? If the analysts are right, our pockets will have to be a little wider!


Today some smartphones are equipped with a fingerprint reader, some are waterproof and others can be recharged wirelessly. The future smartphone will probably combine all the best features.

According to researchers, the use of phablets-smartphones with a diagonal screen size between 5 and 6.9 inches-will grow sixfold by 2018. Besides a scratch-resistant screen, these high-end products will probably be thinner and waterproof. The battery will be much more powerful, and we will be able to charge them wirelessly by induction. This technology will be easily accessible in public places, via universal charging trays integrated into the tables.


Monitor your house

Tomorrow's smartphone will be, even more than today, an extension of yourself. The unit will be better equipped with voice recognition technology and will be used as health coach. For instance, your laptop will be able to analyse your heart rate, your activities and your sleep and encourage you to exercise more. Moreover, you will monitor the devices in and around your home in a few clicks. Just think of the washing machine, the lawnmower, the oven, among others.


Browse the web at lightning speed 

The device of the future will obviously be much quicker. And not only the processor: mobile browsing speed will also increase considerably. Already today, a high-speed network as Orange 4G achieves speeds of 90 Mbps for download and 45 Mbps for transfer. 10 times faster than the current 3G standard!


In total safety 

In addition to all these features, the smartphone par excellence also has optimal safety features, capable of locking everything. Besides allowing you to call or check emails, tomorrow's smartphone will actually also be your house key and your wallet.


We can't offer you tomorrow's smartphone yet, but you'll find here a selection of our best current devices.

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