5 apps for your enterprise harmony


You're never without your smartphone or your tablet. So many opportunities for mobile applications to simplify your company's daily tasks. Discover five mobile applications which will transform your enterprise into a well-oiled machine.


1. iAnnotate PDF

With iAnnotate PDF, you can very easily add comments to your PDF documents. Practical to take notes or to give feedback on a presentation or on the document of a colleague.


2. Evernote

With Evernote, you take notes or Web Clips rapidly wherever you are. You are then free to share them with your colleagues to work more efficiently.  


3. ScanBizCards

You're back from a trade fair or a meeting, with your pockets full of business cards. They'll likely end up in a pile in a corner of your office because you don't have the time to encode all the data. ScanBizCards simply takes a photo of the business card. The application recognises all information and adds the person to your contact list.


4. CamScanner

The CamScanner application transforms your smartphone into an intelligent scanner, ready to be used at all times. Simply take pictures of the pages of a document and CamScanner compiles them into a PDF file.


5. Expensify

With Expensify, you manage your expenses online very quickly. The application scans your receipts, calculates your mileage allowance based on Google Maps and establishes a report of your expenses in a jiffy.


Make your life simpler with the best mobile applications. Try them and discover their many benefits for your business.

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