What will the change of company mean for landline phone and internet connections?

Do you want to extend your Shape package to landline phone services or to landline phone and internet services? Nothing could be easier thanks to the Orange migration procedure.


What happens to my subscription with my old provider?

Your landline phone subscription is automatically cancelled as soon as your numbers have been transferred to Orange. You must cancel your internet subscription yourself as soon as we have installed your new internet connection.


Will there be any disruption to my landline phone and internet services?

Any disruption to your services will be as brief as possible. Effectively, we install your new line in tandem with your existing line. 


Will communications quality differ to that of Belgacom?

You will not be able to detect any difference either in communications quality or call connection times.


Will I still be able to send and receive faxes?

Yes. You can either start using the Fax2Mail service which means you no longer need to use a fax machine, as you will receive all your faxes via email, or you can plug your fax machine into the analogue phone line and continue to both send and receive faxes that way.