One of my employees leaves the company

My employee would like to keep his/her number

In this case, the number can be transferred to a private individual or to another company, depending on the situation: 

  • The employee would like to transfer his/her number to his/her new employer. In this case, his/her new employer’s fleet manager must take the necessary measures.
  • The employee would like to keep his/her number as a private individual. Fill in the document below: Transfer request

You can send the duly filled in form to Orange by e-mail to your dedicated agent or by fax to 02 745 7059.

I would like to transfer the number to another employee

  • If the number has Invoice Split, you could make the transfer request via your Customer Zone
  • If the number does not benefit from Invoice Split, the card is in the company’s name, not in the user’s name. If there is a time lapse between the departure of the first employee and the arrival of the new one, you can temporarily suspend the card via the Customer Zone. You will give the SIM card to the new employee when he/she starts work, and you’ll have to ask for re-activation via the Customer Zone.