Would you like to block your employees’ access to premium numbers?

Do you call 090x or 070 numbers? These are not services offered by Orange, but outside partners who can give you access to them and who set the price themselves.


How much do they cost?

The price of these Premium Rate numbers can be higher than that for standard calls in Belgium.

Prices can vary from anywhere between 0.30 € to 2 € per minute or per call depending on the number’s prefix.

A free message tells callers the maximum tariff for any call to an 070 number, thereby enabling them to terminate the call with no cost to themselves (as per BIPT stipulations to operators dated 1st July 2015).


How do I recognise and block these services?

Premium Rate numbers begin with 090 or 070. To request call barring, call 5995.

NB: The Belgian Telecommunications Ethics Committee monitors the correct usage of paying telephone numbers (e.g.: 0900-. 070- and four digit text message codes beginning with 3, 4, 7 and 9). In addition to conducting surveys, the Ethics Committee can also investigate complaints regarding non-compliance with the Telecommunications Ethics Code. Complaints can be lodged with the Ethics Commission secretariat (Ellipse Building - Bâtiment C – Avenue du Roi Albert II 35 - 1030 Brussels) and investigated by it if the problem cannot be resolved through mediation with the operator. The Ethics Committee may also deal with complaints lodged with the Telecoms Mediation Service if the intervention of the latter does not result in a satisfactory outcome.

More information on the Ethics Committee and its activities here

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