I would like to control my data usage abroad

Travel Data Control is a service which enables you to keep control over your mobile phone costs when you're abroad by automatically blocking your data connection when you reach a certain monthly threshold.


What are the benefits of Travel Data Control?

  • You will receive a free text message when you reach 80% of your limit (according to which zone you are in).
  • Your data connection will then be blocked when you reach 100% of your limit
    • At that point you can decide whether or not to continue accessing the internet. Either you can return to normal internet access once you are in your next invoicing period,
    • or you can raise the threshold for the current invoicing period. Your internet access will then automatically be reconnected.


How do I manage Travel Data Control?

Travel Data Control is a free service which is activated for all Orange customers; it automatically imposes an expenditure limit of 50 euros (exclusive of VAT) per month.


You can re-set your expenditure limits permanently, or do so temporarily at a point when you have exceeded your initial limit. In the latter case, your initial limit would automatically be re-applied for the next invoicing period.

How do I change my expenditure limit? If you are a Shape customer, go to the My Orange app. You can also update it in your Customer Zone. Alternatively contact Orange on 5995 (from Belgium) or on +32 2 745 94 97 (from abroad).


Do you have a data roaming bundle?

If you have a data bundle, the price of the bundle is not included in the limit. You will get a text message to tell you that you have reached 80% and 100% of your bundle. Any further data usage outside of your bundle will then automatically be counted under Travel Data Control.

For example: if you set up your Travel Data Control to a 50 euro limit and you have a bundle worth 70 euros, once you have exceeded your bundle you can then continue your data usage abroad up to a value of 50 euros.


Is it possible to switch off Travel Data Control?

Travel Data Control is automatically activated for all Orange customers. If you wish, you can switch the service off and switch it on again at any time.