Concrete examples

Why do calls from Belgium to France cost more than from France to France?

Only roaming tariffs are regulated by the EU. In certain cases, the price for the international call might actually be higher than the roaming price.


I’m in Berlin and I’m calling my dad in Belgium, what happens?

Your call will be deducted from the national volume included in your subscription. If you no longer have volume or if you do not have volume included in your subscription you will be switched to out-of-bundle mode and you will pay the same out-of-bundle tariff as in Belgium.


I’m calling from Amsterdam to Singapore?

You’re calling a destination outside zone 1, you will pay €2.40/min incl. VAT. If you have:

  • Shape Traveller.
  • National Unlimited Traveller.
  • Traveller ou Traveller Pass.

This call will be deducted from the minutes included in your additional roaming bundle (Best Destinations).


I have a Shape Traveller: what will change for me?

  • Today the 3GB is valid in the EU and EU Ext. Tomorrow it will be valid in the EU and BEST DESTINATIONS (14 additional countries)
  • Today 3000 min or sms are valid in RO EU / INT EU. Tomorrow they will be valid in the EU and BEST DESTINATION (14 additional countries)


If I have a paying roaming bundle, do I use the data of this bundle first while being abroad?

No, usage is first deducted from your national bundle


I travel a lot to Morocco what is your advice ?

The option traveller is not appropriate. We advise you to activate World Traveller to enjoy from the most advantageous prices. You can activate this option via your customer zone or via the customer service.