I want to track my usage abroad

The My Orange app, which is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, enables you to track your usage whilst abroad.

It will show text messages sent and calls made and received in Europe, the volume of data used abroad included in your bundle and the amount of data consumed abroad consumed beyond your bundle.


Can I see my usage in real time?

When you are abroad, it may take up to 48 hours before all usage data is accessible.


How much does it cost to use My Orange?

Usage of this app is absolutely free, whether you are in Belgium or abroad! This means that when you use your My Orange app, it will not use up any of your data allowance or call credit.


How do I use this app?

For the app to work, it is vital that, when you open My Orange for the first time, you turn off your WiFi connection and connect to the 3G/4G network. This is so that the system can recognise you, download your data usage information, and thus give you the most accurate possible usage overview.

Please note: the system will remember you for up to 30 days. After this point, you will have to relaunch the application via the 3G/4G network to check in and view your usage data. It is a good idea to do this before you set off on your travels abroad!