SMS notifications abroad

SMS notifications abroad

You receive three SMS messages:

  • the Orange welcome message; this information message is sent free of charge from 8407 as soon as you arrive in a foreign country. This message contains plenty of useful information, such as a direct link to the Orange roaming page where you will find information about charges and Mobistar roaming offers.
  • The Eurotariff Voice SMS message indicates the maximum prices of incoming and outgoing calls per minute from the EU to the EU, as well as the maximum price per SMS message sent. It also mentions 112, the European emergency number (free throughout Europe).
  • The Eurotariff Data SMS message indicates the maximum price per MB in the EU, the maximum price per MMS sent and MMS received, as well as the quick dial voice number 1947 for any additional information on European legislation (free IVR number).


Do you want to stop receiving these messages?

Send “STOP” by SMS to 8047 and you will receive instructions on how to stop receiving these messages when abroad (Welcome SMS, Eurotariff SMS). You must send this stop SMS message from Belgium.

Warning: SMS for Travel Data Daily, Travel Data Control and Smart Data Traveller remain active!


Do you want to start receiving these messages again?

Send “SMSP” by SMS to 8047 (free) and you will receive the messages again.