I don't understand my invoice (employee)

On the first page of your bill, you will see an overview.

After 'Total amount of the invoice' is the total to pay, with and without VAT, as well as the deadline for payment, the account number to make the payment to and the VCS status (if you have not opted for domiciliation.)

On the second page, there is a summary of what you pay and what your company pays. In the first part of this page, 'General costs and discounts', you will first see your contract fees. Underneath is the proportion of this charge paid for by your company. This amount is negative. Deduct these two totals. In the example below, all the contract fees are paid for by the company.

In the second part of this page, 'Calls and messages', you can see your usage by call type. The last line shows the proportion paid for by your company. This amount is negative. In the example below, everything is paid for by the company.

In the third section of the page, 'Usage of your bundle', you can see all the plans you have, how much you are entitled to for each plan, and how much you have used.

Underneath, in the last part of this page, 'Included call credits paid by company', you will see that total amount that your company gives you each month, and the amount you have used.

What does ‘third party services’ mean on my invoice?

Third Party Services is the generic term that refers to all SMS messages sent from and to short numbers. This short number is generally made up of 4 numbers. ‘Third party services’ may be SMS messages that you send to or receive from this short number.


Number Category Maximum price
19xx Operator services 0.15€
2xxx Paying services 1€
3xxx Paying services 4€
4xxx Micro-payment 31€
5xxx Games/logos/ringtones 0.50€
6xxx Games/logos/ringtones 2€
61xx TV games 2€
7xxx Adults 4€
8xxx Free services Free
90xx - 94xx Other subscriptions Send: 0,15 €
Receive: 2 €
95xx - 99xx Subscriptions
(Games, ringtones, logos)
Send: 0,15 €
Receive: 2 €

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