Improve 3G coverage inside your company

With the Network Extender you can benefit from the best indoor coverage :

  • 3G coverage within company walls thanks to the Network Extender in a radius of up to +/- 20 m around the box
  • Improved mobile phone calls and data
  • Up to 16 simultaneous calls
  • Smooth installation by a professional installer
  • One-time investment
  • Interested by an indoor coverage solution ? Contact your account manager



Technical requirements for installation of a Network Extender

The Network Extender requires a minimum Internet speed (both upload and download) of 1 Mbps to be able to process 8 simultaneous calls, and 2 Mbps (up and download) for 16 simultaneous calls. Your speeds can be measured at

If you have a firewall, ports 123, 500, 4500 and 33424-33445 must be open.

Use this tool  to check if this is the case.

Please find here the information regarding technical requirements for your internet connexion.