How to use Call Transfer ?

Turn your mobile phone* into a true PBX and put your correspondents in connection with any landline or mobile number in Belgium at any time.


How much does it cost?

Call Transfer is a free service. No activation fees, no monthly costs. When a Call Transfer is performed, two calls are made and for each of them, the person who made the call will be invoiced according to his/her rate plan. Depending on the type of Transfer, the duration of a transferred call could be invoiced to you.


How to use Call Transfer

  • You receive a call that you must transfer to one of your colleagues.
  • You put your correspondent on hold.
  • You use the feature “Second Call” to call your colleague.
  • In the “Options” menu, you select “Transfer”.

The call is transferred to your colleague. Your mobile phone is free again.

* This option is not available on iPhone