The only telecom solution you need


With Shape & Fix, the most complete telecom solution, you combine the flexibility of mobile telephony and mobile internet with the advantages of an excellent fixed telephony solution and a powerful broadband internet connection.

Here are eight good reasons why Shape & Fix is the only telecom solution your company needs:


1. You maintain an overview

Shape & Fix is a convergent solution. It offers many possibilities, but doesn´t overwhelm you with complexity. You have one contract that includes both mobile and fixed telephony and internet. Every month you receive one invoice with all your telecom costs. In case of problems, you only have to call one number. Your contact person is reachable daily between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m., also on Saturdays.


2. You choose formulas tailored to your people

Your administrative personnel at the office might manage with a small mobile calling and data bundle, while your representatives spend the whole day calling and surfing, at home and abroad. Thanks to Shape you can give each of them an individualised mobile formula, and you’re sure that everyone is calling in an optimal way. For fixed telephony, as well, you choose based on your infrastructure.


3. Twice the data

With Shape & Fix Comfort, Extra and/or Basic with digital lines, as of 20 November 2017, you’ll enjoy the Data Bonus advantage: twice as much mobile national data. Orange is the only telecom operator that is doubling the quantity of mobile data in your formula without a price hike. Not temporarily, but every month. Thanks to the most generous rate plan in the market, your employees can communicate worry-free.


4. You can easily monitor your budget with Invoice Split

With the free Invoice Split service, you define in advance which part of your employees’ telecom costs your company will pay. Is the amount on the invoice higher? Then your employee receives a personal invoice for the remaining balance. This spares you any unpleasant surprises.


5. You call advantageously with your fixed line

With the fixed line of Orange you call at the lowest price, both to Belgian numbers and to other countries. You don´t have to be concerned with peak and off-peak hours, so you call advantageously at any time of the day.


6. You call advantageously to your colleagues

It would be a shame if, during a telephone call with a colleague, you suddenly had to wonder whether you´re coming to the end of your call bundle. Fortunately, with Shape & Fix you enjoy advantageous rates for fixed and mobile calls. In some formulas you can even call free. For example, with Shape & Fix Extra PRA, you don´t pay for calls from fixed line to fixed line between colleagues in Belgium. And with Shape Plus, Ultimate, Intense and Traveller, you call with your mobile phone for free to all Orange numbers and to all fixed lines in Belgium.


7. You have maximum flexibility

Your company evolves together with the rapidly-changing market conditions. Happily, with Shape you can change the formulas of your employees easily and free of charge each month. You can also adapt the Fix component of this formula: choose fixed telephony on one or several sites.


8. Powerful technology with professional support

With Shape & Fix you receive a superfast, proficient internet connection (VDSL2) with a mobile 4G back-up connection.


Want to know more about Shape & Fix, Orange´s complete telecom solution for companies? Discover the advantages here.

Don’t forget to inform your staff. Share this interesting PDF file to inform them of this extraordinary benefit so they can make the most of their double mobile data volume and surf the web carefree.

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