Shape & Fix

Shape & Fix is an all-in-one telecom solution for your company’s complete and comfortable management of telephony and internet. You benefit from the comfort and flexibility of Shape − our mobile formula − in combination with our professional fixed telephony solution and a high-performance broadband internet connection.

The special advantages of Shape & Fix

Convergent solution

Mobile telephony + fixed telephony + broadband internet connection via VDSL2.

Simplicité d’administration

Simple management

Predictable costs and a global invoice.

Support professionnel

Professional support

Extensive support from 8 am to 7 pm and during the weekend, next business day repair and professional installation.

Qualité reconnue

Recognised quality

Over 1000 companies have already opted for this solution.


Shape tariffs (mobile telephony)


Fixed tariffs (fixed telephony and internet)

  Shape & Fix
Shape & Fix
Shape & Fix
Internet Unlimited Internet / 1 Fixed IP / VDSL2 100Mbps download and 20Mbps upload
Number of analogic fix lines - 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Calls from analogic fix lines - Pay as you use - - - - - - -
Number of digital fix lines - 0 2 4 6-8 10-12 14-16 30 + 1 PRA 30 + 1 PRA
Calls from digital fix lines - - 20h 40h 80h 120h 160h 0h 300h
4G Back-up Included
Fix on mobile Mobiline                
Price / month / site 70€ 70€ 105€ 160€ 250€ 340€ 410€ 330€ 665€
Installation Free installation
*Free installation for all 24-month contracts. The installation cost is €399 for a 12-month contract.

Tariffs excluding package


Calls and text messages: call credit and texts not included in the bundle (Light) or used out-of-bundle (Basic) are billed at 0.10€/min and 0.10€/text message.


You will receive a text message notification when you have used 100% of your bundle data volume. After that you will be charged 0.0248€/MB (in Belgium).

International and roaming

Calls and text messages to and from abroad and mobile data abroad are not included in the bundles Shape Light, Shape Basic, Shape Plus and Shape Ultimate. If you wish to add specific options to these plans, you can!

Discover all our roaming plans to make calls to and from abroad at the lowest prices.

International & Traveller:
When you exceed your international or roaming bundle, our standard or discount tariffs apply.


Tariffs for fix telephony

  Setup call Price per minute
Fix national 0,0090€ 0,0150€
Orange – Proximus
Base - Telenet Mobile
0,0500€ 0,0350€
Telenet Fix 0,0090€ 0,0210€
International Detailed tariffs

Benefit from a complete telecom solution

The advantages of Shape for all your mobile formulas

Take advantage of the flexible formulas tailored to each employee’s profile.

Fixed telephony solution tailored to your infrastructure

Based on your needs, you choose internet and fixed telephony for one or more sites, with or without telephone exchange (PABX).

Super-fast internet access

Up to 100 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload.

Automatic call-forwarding

Configure a standard call forward (activated by no answer or engaged).

Receive faxes via e-mail

Receive your faxes directly in your mailbox − and reserve the possibility to connect a fax with your analogue line.

Simpler management

A fixed IP address for simplified management of internal hosting resources.

4G Back-up

Keep your internet connection in case your fixed line is interrupted

Go a step further with our additional services

A customised solution for your mobile fleet

The Shape & Fix formula combines a fixed solution with our mobile Shape solution.

The functionalities of your landline on your mobile

With Mobiline, you no longer need a landline. You have fixed numbers on your mobile phones and enjoy all the advantages of fixed telephony without having to manage the entire infrastructure.

Solutions for multi-site companies

Benefit from supplemental options such as SLAs, QoS, redundancy, mobile back-up, more fixed IPs, reporting, … for all your sites

The best network

Benefit not only from an extremely fast VDSL2 connection, but from optimal mobile data as well.

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