Towards the IT solution for your business in 5 steps

Geïntegreerde ICT-oplossing

How can you find the most appropriate internet and communication solution for your company? This article gives a brief overview of the aspects that come into play. In five steps we’ll settle on the right approach for your business.

Step 1. Fixed internet

There are several technologies you can implement to provide your business with fixed internet: coax (cable network), VDSL or fibreglass. These three technologies bring the internet into your company premises via cable, establishing a fast and high-performance connection.

When installing fixed internet, mobility inside the building must also be taken into account. The fixed network connection at the office is used to access network and internet applications. This is often a wireless Wi-Fi connection. So be sure to follow our tips when configuring your fixed network to optimise that wireless internet connection.


Step 2. Convergence between fixed and mobile

As a business, it’s in your best interest to look for a convergent solution that offers optimum accessibility while boosting your company’s efficiency. This type of solution means looking beyond merely fixed internet and taking mobile internet into account. Communication is increasingly becoming a combination of fixed (possibly via Wi-Fi) and mobile. Often professional end users no longer notice the difference in terms of use.

The chief advantage of a convergent solution is using a single operator for all of your communications. A prime example is the Shape & Fix formula by Orange, which can be adapted to the individual needs of any business.

Such an integrated solution also offers a wider range of flexible working options, regardless of time or location. “By offering SMEs an integrated solution, these companies can now take advantage of a number of services previously only available to large organisations,” said Orange Belgium’s B2B Marketing Director Lieven Vaes in an interview about the new way of working.


Step 3. Additional communication applications

Operators offer a range of solutions to support your fixed telephony needs. More and more of these additional communication applications use your internet connection. One example is Cloud Telephony by Orange. This virtual telephone exchange offers a host of options for communication and collaboration. A cloud application is also much easier to manage and configure than a classic telephone exchange.

By opting for an extra communication application via your operator, your business enjoys the benefits of an integrated solution. For instance, you have a single contact for both your connection and your applications. In addition, your business enjoys commercial benefits such as discounts or a larger data bundle.


Step 4. Backup via 4G

Almost every business uses a fixed internet connection as standard. But what if it’s down temporarily, for instance because of maintenance works in your street? A backup 4G connection keeps your company from grinding to a sudden halt when something like this happens. At Orange, every Shape & Fix formula includes a 4G back-up solution. For instance, our customer Drankenhandel AsterX uses 4G back-up in its shops and at checkout.


Step 5. Television

It may seem a bit less obvious for businesses but TV can also be part of an integrated solution. Even busy entrepreneurs can’t always burn the candle at both ends. So be sure to also enjoy the TV package your telecom operator has to offer.


Also looking for the best all-round IT package for your business? Download our whitepaper ‘Turn your company into a digital workplace - Your staff unboud, always connected’.

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