WiFi or mobile internet: does it make a difference?


Remote working has boosted the popularity of mobile internet. Younger consumers in particular are just as happy to use mobile data as they are an internet cable or WiFi connection. Telecoms operators are increasingly responding to this trend. 

The above finding comes from Deloitte’s recent Connectivity & Mobile Trends Survey, for which more than 2,000 American consumers were questioned.

This study shows that families, often in response to the coronavirus lockdown, have optimised their home internet and WiFi networks. Many consumers have taken initiatives to improve internet coverage throughout the home, for example by installing WiFi extenders or mobile hotspots.


No difference between mobile and fixed

What’s striking is that most consumers say they don’t notice any substantial difference between surfing using mobile data and using their (WiFi) internet connection at home. In fact, based on two consecutive studies, Deloitte found that more than half the respondents believed that mobile internet delivered the same or higher speeds than their home WiFi connection.

About 15 % of all internet users in the United States now rely exclusively on mobile data for internet access. This percentage peaks at 28 % in the youngest age group (aged 18 to 29). In future, when 5G offers consumers even more possibilities, this percentage will undoubtedly increase.


Mobile data for companies

As mobile data becomes an alternative to the standard internet connection for more and more users, and is available everywhere, it is important to optimise its use for your employees. 

Companies need a strong mobile offering that is easy to manage and can be adapted to any user and any budget. Thanks to Orange’s Business Everywhere, your employees can work from anywhere on all their devices using mobile internet. Business Everywhere can also be combined with Shape, Orange’s mobile solution for businesses.

In addition, Orange customers who opt for the Shape Intense or Shape Traveller formulas can use the Surf Extra Card, which allows them to share their phone plan’s data allowance with another device. So you can enjoy the benefits of a total mobile solution. 


Want to enjoy a powerful mobile offering with your employees? Discover Business Everywhere from Orange.

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