Employee Benefit Program

Give your employees additional benefits


Qualité reconnue

Invoice split

With Invoice Split you determine which amount you pay and which part is to be charged to your employees. This way, they don’t need to pay for their subscription and they can benefit from favourable company rates for their calls.

Discounts for family members of employees

Thanks to Cooldeals, your employees’ family members can also benefit. From life-long benefits to other consumer promotions for the entire family.

Easy and transparent

Simplicity is key

Activate the Invoice Split option easily for free. Your employees can use the My Orange-app to track their personal usage or to activate subscriptions. This way, you avoid additional administration.

Cooldeals packages

All offers for your employees’ children or partner are shown in an easy-to-use portal.

Clever solutions for your employees

Invoice Split

With Invoice Split, you can decide which costs are charged to the company.

Individual offers

Orange has a range of interesting offers for your employees to enjoy the best rates for calling, browsing or watching TV outside of their working hours.

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